Should I breed my cat or dog at least once in her lifetime?


Spaying dogs or cats has always been linked to urban myths or legends, most of which are false. Although spaying provides many advantages, many owners are reluctant to sterilize their pets. Most of the time this decision is based on the wrong information or on subjective perceptions of the pet's reality. 

The most often heard affirmations are:

·        “It is better for them to have at least one litter”. This affirmation, made by many people, is absolutely false and is based on no scientific evidence whatsoever.

·        “Pets get fat and boring after being sterilized and lose their instincts”. It is true that some animals put on some weight due to metabolic changes. Specific commercial animal foods exist for these cases.

·        As for their personality, it will not change at all. Pets will interact and show the same vitality as before being spayed.

·        “I wish my pet to enjoy himself. If I wouldn't want it done to me, I don't want it done to my pet.” Mating is a physical process that occurs when the necessary hormonal stimulation is present, and its aim is reproduction. When these hormones change, females reject males. There is no pleasure associated with mating.

·        “I'm afraid that my pet will die during the operation.” Veterinary medicine is becoming more and more advanced, and the risks of anesthetics are decreasing. 

The advantages of pet sterilization:

·         It eliminates seasons and the nuisance of bleeding. Once surgery is performed, a bitch will never be in season again.

·         It helps avoid unwanted pregnancies, as well as the problem of looking for new owners for the litter, or animal abandonment.

·         It prevents false pregnancies, also known as pseudocyesis, when the mammary glands swell and fill with milk. This may happen up to twice a year.

·         It prevents uterine infections (also known as pyometra), one of the most common emergency surgeries performed in a veterinary clinic.

·         It helps avoid breast tumors. Early spaying greatly reduces the possibility of developing this illness. If surgery is performed before the first heat, the probability of developing breast cancer is almost zero.

·        It helps avoid transtitting and spreading hereditary diseases.

·        Using contraceptives to prevent or supress estrus may produce uterine diseases.

·        It helps avoid overpopulation and animal abandonment. In reality, there are more pets than families disposed to provide a good life for them. 

Sterilization undoubtedly entails a series of benefits for the life of our pets. It provides better and longer lifespans. An interesting fact, according to the American Journal of Veterinarian Research, is the increased lifespan of sterilized pets: in male dogs it is 24%, in male cats 36%, in female dogs 20% and in female cats 40%.





Did you know...

Cats are more receptive to socialization between two and seven weeks of age. It is essential for them to have sufficient contact with humans before they are seven weeks old.

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