Brucellosis is a bacterial disease that is generalized, begins either acutely or insidiously and is characterized by continuous or inconstant fever of variable duration, headaches, weakness, abundant sweating, shivers, pain in the joints, etc. It frequently causes complications in the bones and joints. Recovery from brucellosis is the norm, but it may cause serious disability.
The natural reservoirs for the infection in Spain are, from more to less important, goats, sheep, cows, swine and dogs, from which humans are infected through various routes.

The onset of brucellosis in humans is conditioned by its prevalence in animal reservoirs, so any action carried out in the name of public health must be accompanied by interventions in animal health.


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The sudden appearance of lumps or scars, sores that do not heal, weight or appetite loss or difficulty breathing, urinating or defecating are signs that your pet may have cancer

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