Pet insurance

Owning a pet means that you will have to meet a series of expenses (such as food, vaccinations, checkups, etc.) that owners are usually aware of and accept before acquiring their pet.

What you cannot know beforehand is if your pet will suffer unexpected incidents (such as accidents, theft, serious illness, loss, etc.) out of which unforeseen —and, on occasion, considerable— costs might arise.

This is why the Spanish Organización Colegial (Organization of Veterinary Colleges) has promoted, backed and created Segurvet, an insurance policy designed to ease the economic impact of some of the most frequent incidents that could affect your pet:

  • Veterinary assistance due to accident or serious illness
  • Civil responsibility
  • Compensation for accidental death or theft
  • Other causes

For further information on this insurance policy you may download the following Guide or consult the web page (in Spanish).   




Did you know...

Feeding diets with excessive calcium can produce diseases such as osteochondrosis (a disease of the joints), curvature of the radius or instability of the cervical vertebrae.

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