Skin and fur

The skin is one of the most important and largest structures in an animal’s body. It is a key organ for its protection and acts as a barrier between the body and the exterior. When kept healthy and clean, it is better able to respond to environmental aggressions.

Most pet owners are only aware of their friend’s outer layer when it is a nuisance because floors, clothes or furniture are full of hair or because they need to take their pet to the hairdresser. It may seem incredible to you, but this nuisance can become a cause of abandonment of companion animals and the trigger that sparks off family quarrels.

When thinking of acquiring a pet, you should take into account the type of skin and fur it has. Caring for it has a cost and will require dedication and availability from you.

The outermost layer of the skin or epidermis is of variable thickness depending on the species, breed and age of the animal. Different body areas may even have different thicknesses. This layer contains the hair follicles and skin glands, among which the sebaceous glands are very important due to the protective function of the sebum (oil) that they produce.
As to the fur, you should keep in mind that your pet will shed several times during the year. If not taken care of properly, this will cause any owner to lose his or her patience.

If you notice any strange symptom on your pet’s skin or fur you should consult a professional. In this case, as in many others, if you pay attention to the theoretical knowledge of any supposed expert you will only aggravate the problem and it will take longer to solve. A veterinary surgeon will study the problem and will apply adequate treatment. Unfortunately, skin problems do not usually have a quick cure, so you will need large doses of patience and persistence.

In many cases you can avoid this type of problems if you follow some basic rules: daily grooming, bathing your pet with specifically designed products and a diet that is appropriate for your pet’s age, activity and general condition. If you follow these easy rules you will give your companion animal’s skin and fur what it should need to stay healthy.

Did you know...

Snail meat contains low levels of fat and cholesterol and high levels of minerals and proteins, and provides most essential amino acids.

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